installation, neon, 2022

The work combines geometric abstraction with spatial form, a result of analyzing glass as a medium. The light installation using neon tubes was inspired by stained glass, an art technique that also employs glass and light. My inspiration stemmed from a 15th-century stained glass window depicting the Annunciation in the medieval art collection of the National Museum in Wroclaw. I was particularly fascinated by its background, featuring a figurative representation composed of rhythmically arranged rhombuses. I translated this shape into a three-dimensional form, exchanging the places of light and shadow – where there was originally a dark lead frame in stained glass, there is now a line of neon.

This installation was created as an applied component of my master’s degree in Glass Art and Design, supervised by Prof. Kazimierz Pawlak. It was conceived in response to the contemporary trend in residential construction, highlighting the departure from the traditional division of living spaces into rooms. It reflects the need to transform the character of a space, achieved through the use of neon. When illuminated, it allows for mood creation with warm light, while remaining subtly visible during the day due to the application of transparent tubes and a white base.